A Virginian dedicated to service.

Kim and her husband, Mike, have resided in Fauquier County for nearly seven years where they are raising three children – William, Nellie, and Scottie. Kim has deep ties to Virginia and the Fifth District – she was raised nearby in Stafford, and she graduated from Longwood University before attending law school. Virginia is Kim’s home.

Before settling down in Virginia as a child, Kim’s family moved around in support of her father’s military service. Kim’s parents raised her in an environment exemplifying the value of hard work and service. While raising a family, sometimes alone as a result of military orders, Kim’s mother earned an accounting degree and went on to become a CPA. Kim’s father served in the Marine Corps during which he deployed to Somalia in support of Operation Restore Hope. After a career in the Marine Corps, Kim’s father retired after 22 years of service, retiring as a Major; settling the family down in Stafford, Virginia where Kim was raised with her siblings.

Kim’s husband, Michael, also grew up in a military family with both his mother and father serving as military officers. Mike’s father was drafted into the Army and went to Viet Nam in early 1970 as a Warrant Officer pilot flying fixed-wing aircraft.  He served in Viet Nam over a year and was awarded a battlefield commission to 2nd Lieutenant and the Bronze Star Medal. He went on to serve as a helicopter pilot during the Cold War and later served in Korea and the Middle East before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel after 23 years of service.  Michael’s mother was a trail blazer as an early female commissioned officer in the U.S. Army. She served in Germany and Korea and retired as a Major after 20 years of service.

Kim has been practicing law in the Commonwealth of Virginia since she was 24 years old. In her practice, Kim has worked as a prosecutor during law school and in private practice upon passing the Bar. As her practice has evolved, she has been counsel on various matters including advocating for children and victims of domestic violence, criminal defense, domestic relations, international child abduction, real estate, business, civil rights, and adoption.

A product of Virginia’s public education, Kim graduated from North Stafford High School and Longwood University before attending law school in Florida. She earned her Juris Doctorate in just two and a half years and returned to Virginia to serve her community.

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A proven advocate dedicated to working families.

In her law practice, Kim helps people from all walks of life through some of the most difficult situations they have ever been in. Kim has seen federal policies hamper the ability of working class citizens to see real results from their hard work. She has had to inform too many mothers of young children that the income they can reasonably expect to earn will hardly cover their child care costs. She has assisted too many clients in restructuring debt payments in order to get ahead of debilitating student loan debt. She has seen victims of domestic violence refuse to pursue legal protections simply for fear of losing health care coverage.

Kim is in this for all of us in the Fifth District; everyone who wants a better future for their family and their community. Kim is in this for every working class family who wants to actually see and feel a return on their hard work in our communities and not just be told about a theoretical benefit from a politician. Kim is also here for every woman in the Fifth District who is witnessing our country’s state legislatures chipping away at our individual rights. Kim is here to advocate for equality in fact for all and not just in theory.

Kim is in this for us.